ANTARES series


Immerse yourself in the fascinating and magical world of our ANTARES series and let yourself be enchanted by their unique atmosphere. Close your eyes and feel the warm scent of coffee grounds spreading in the air and enveloping your senses. It is a fragrance that awakens memories and lets you relax.

With the ANTARES you experience coziness in its most beautiful and intense form. The soft, warm light of the series creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere in which you feel completely safe. It is the light that touches your soul and makes you feel at home.

Made from the best of your morning
- from organic coffee -
It blends harmoniously into your rooms and makes a statement for sustainability.

Inspired by the art of the best barista in the world, ANTARES unfolds not only a warm light, but also a deep connection to our origins. The scent of the coffee grounds evokes memories and creates an inviting atmosphere that conveys security and warmth.

Each lamp tells its own story. the coffee grounds, our raw material, carry the experiences and moments of enjoyment of the past. Our ANTARES series combines the natural beauty of light with the emotionality of the coffee grounds and thus creates a unique and touching light atmosphere in your home.